CTI offers a wide range of counter options.

All of our counters are CNC machined and made to exacting tolerances so that press performance is maximized and scoring quality on all cartons is consistent.



Phenolic counters are a viable, cost-efficient option when partnered with the right projects. CTI offers our counters in flexible and rigid materials based on finishing department preferences.


  • Ideal for short to medium runs

  • Scoring consistency

  • Easily Transferred & Reusable

  • Cost Efficiency

Steel Counter Plates

Steel counter plates offer your finishing department versatility while optimizing your quality and die cutting efficiencies. We offer stick down and bolt down counter plates. Chroming is available to extend the life of the counter.


  • Reduced press make ready

  • Increased machine speeds

  • Consistent crease quality

  • Eliminates carton marking

  • Optimal for Long Runs or Repeat Work

  • Ideal for in-line emboss or braille

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