Welcome to my first newsletter as the General Manager of CTI & CTE. I plan on utilizing the knowledge and experience gained in my 16 years here to ensure our staff stay focused on our core strengths of customer service, product design and support. As an integral part of the DFC Manufacturing group, we have more skill and experience to build upon than at any other point in our history. Our access to operations across the country with expertise in folding carton, in-line embossing, braille, corrugated flat and rotary dies is truly unmatched. CTI continues to offer the best support staff in the industry to complement the experience that we put into our production tooling.

Clearly, the best measurement of success in one’s business is the recognition by your customers that the products and services being provided are helping them improve their operations. I’m very happy to report that Converting Technology was awarded the Supplier of the Year for the Independent Carton Group in August 2023. CTI is honored to have received this award and we will continue to stress the factors that were critical to the efforts taken to achieve this accomplishment are integral to the work we do on every project we undertake.

We continue to see signs of an improving economy and customer requests for products and support. Our efforts over the past few months have been on making sure we are ready for the upturn that we all know is coming. CTI continues to develop unique solutions to the challenges presented to us all by our shared end customers. We look forward to supporting your continued growth and wish everyone a strong 4th Quarter! Thank you for your on-going support.

Tom Driscoll

General Manager CTI & CTE