Cutting Dies

are the center of CTI’s business.  The quality and passion we put into our die tooling create a performance/precision-based product for your cut and crease presses.  We stand by the fact that our product will help you improve  your make-ready times and increase your running speeds.  All of our steel rule cutting dies are specified and manufactured to meet your requirements and needs.

We Provide

  • Layout analysis to maximize run speed and sheet utilization.

  • Suggested nicking patterns that will maximize press run speed.

  • Suggested best ejection material placement and type.

Our Promise: All CTI dies are measured on our Acu-Guage prior to shipment. These measurements are stored in our database and ensure that the die is within specification when shipped.

Die Board Bases

maple die board


  • Traditional die base

  • More stable than untreated Birch

  • Can be re-knifed

  • Cost effective

birch die board


  • Inexpensive option for combo or short runs

  • Typically used with phenolic counter plates or matrix

uv coated birch die board

UV Coated Birch

  • Can be run with steel counters usually used for 40” format

  • Cost effective

Fused Birch

Fused Birch

  • Moisture is removed and board is sealed

  • Large format stability

  • Typically paired with 1mm medium hard bolt down steel counters for long running jobs

  • Re-knifing not recommended

  • Cost effective

ultra lite die board 2 views


  • Proven stability – usually paired with steel counters

  • Hard surface ensures emboss height will be consistent

  • Can be re-knifed several times

  • Board is heat resistant

  • Die base weight should be considered on large format cutting press

rayform die board 2 views


  • Composite die base is Lighter than Rayform

  • Ideal for all press sizes

  • Typically paired with steel counters for long runs & repeat orders

  • Board is Not Susceptible to Moisture

  • Capable of Several Re-Knifes

Ejection Rubber

Ejection Rubber

Precision water jet cut rubber has a direct impact on press make ready and run speed. Our standard is a combination of Bobst Blue Boost, Euro rubber and Durastrip. To minimize sheet nicks it is important to rubber die after it has been nicked. This practice will result in fewer nicks being required to deliver sheet.