We Supply

brass hot foil stamping tooling to your requirements and applications. With our diverse manufacturing processes we are able to offer consistent and precise foiling tools with excellent lead times.

Flat foil stamping brings quality and a distinguished finish to any project.

Flat Foil Die
flat foil stamping

Flat Foiling Dies

With our impressive machine capacity we are able to manufacture flat foil tooling to the very highest of standards and can offer a same day turnaround when required. Our CNC machine cut tooling is subject to strict quality controls ensuring our customers receive the very highest of machine performance.

foil stamping
flat foil 02

Sculptured Combo
Foiling Dies

Amazing images can be achieved from our 3D foil/emboss dies. We create that “look and feel” effect through artistic interpretation. Through precision, quality and reliability our foiling dies assist our customers in achieving outstanding effects raising brand awareness, added value and elegance to many consumer brands.

  • Our technicians use their knowledge and experience to achieve the optimum effect on many different substrates.

  • Use our skills and experience to add value and brand awareness to any printed project.

  • CTE work with our customers offering advice and support to assist them in achieving the best possible results.

  • Excellent quality, delivery performances and competitive pricing make CTE the obvious choice for quality tooling.

Combo Foiling Dies

These tools allow an image to be foiled and embossed in a single machine pass. By skillfully combining all our processes allow textures to be incorporated within the emboss detail of our combo foil dies.

  • Helps reduce waste

  • Avoids mis-registration between two press passes therefore reducing time and cost
  • Combo foil dies are supplied with counter forces and register location pins, saving valuable make-ready time.
combo foil die
Foiling Dies 2

Texturing Foil Dies

We have generated 150 exciting textured patterns for selection from our library, these textures create brand enhancing images that bring real value to your customer products. In addition to our extensive library of textured patterns our creative Design Studio can generate bespoke effects for specific projects creating both added value or security to your print and cartons.


  • Our micro technology can be applied to most designs and logos.

  • Our quality textured tooling offers both decorative and security solutions for many projects.

  • By skillfully combining all our processes allow textures to be incorporated within the emboss detail in our combo fluted dies.

  • Cost effective alternatives to expensive patterned foils and give the designer greater choice.

  • Add depth, light and movement to your designs by incorporating our textured micro etched patterns into our Foiling dies.

  • A viable alternative to special foils our fine line patterns combined with metallic foils add real impact and definition, enhancing print and raising brand awareness.

Whether you require our textured pattern brochure or are interested in our creative micro technology do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Flat, Texture, & More

Insert Foiling Dies: Available as flat, combo, and texture foil, this system is a cost effective flexible solution to reduce your make-ready times. When multiple data/image swap outs are required our insert die system eliminates the need to purchase multiple die sets that contain common foil elements.