Customer Training Slide

This is an image of a slide used in one of our training sessions.

Customer Training

CTI offers on-site training for all customers. Our technical support team can provide training for pre-make ready and cutting press make ready.

CTI can tailor a training program to address your specific needs. We have training programs for pre-make ready, press make ready, in-line emboss, reverse cutting and Braille. Die cutting is the most difficult process in the manufacture of cartons. A printed sheet is fed into the feed section of the press and a pallet of finished cartons is delivered all why running between 7,500 and 9,500 sheets per hour. To maximize profitability a carton manufacture must minimize press downtime and maximize net sheets per hour. Our knowledge and tooling quality will  help you achieve your cutting goals.

Technical Support

Will this be the first time you run in-line emboss, Braille, or some other product you are not familiar with? Our professionals can train your operators and make sure they understand the most efficient method to run different families of tooling.

Tech Support
Press Retrofits & Upgrades Image

Press Retrofits & Upgrades

CTI offers solutions for many of today’s converting issues.

Frame Adapter Kit

This press modification allows the converter to use the latest in printing technology and position the color bars on the grip edge of the sheet without changing their current tooling inventory.

Press Leveling and Maintenance

Do your press platens have an uneven cutting surface? We can level your presses so that make ready time and spot up tape is reduced.

Cutting Chase Re-Builds.

Let CTI re-build your cutting chases so that dies chases are restored to OEM.