One challenging question for any new company is selecting a name. I chose Converting Technology, Inc because it represented our mission statement. CTI would supply the converting industry using the most advanced technology available.  This technology paired with our dedicated and knowledgeable staff culminates in our diverse product line. We continue to evaluate systems and technology worldwide so that we can supply our customers with the finest tools available.

John Norgard, CTI President and Co-Founder
steel laser plates

CTI was established in 1993 with the primary goal of establishing ourselves as the best tooling supplier in the industry.  Our focus from the beginning has been to continuously investigate new equipment and technologies in the field. After almost 30 years in the business, our commitment to superior quality, service, and technology remains unchanged.

In the beginning, we believed the best way to service our clients was through multiple locations. What we quickly learned, however,  was that our clients valued innovation over location. Listening to our customers is what put us on cutting edge of die making.  As the industry grew rapidly with the introduction of automated die-making equipment and high speed cutting presses, CTI quickly adapted by supplying both press-ready tool sets and technical assistance.    The systems and tools we manufacture are designed to take the variables out of die-cutting.

Choosing a tooling vendor is one of the most important decisions a folding carton or corrugated converter can make. The right vendor will fully understand your die cutting equipment, substrates you run, and offer press ready tooling that allows the converter to manufacture high quality packaging cost effectively! At Converting Technology, Inc. we believe we are uniquely qualified to be your vendor of choice. Our name reflects our mission statement. We strive to offer the latest technology to every converter we supply. We have often been imitated but never outdone when it comes to worldwide evaluation of equipment, products and systems.

IADD Member
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