About CTE

CTE is the result joint venture between Converting Technology, INC. (CTI) and the Lasercomb Group UK. CTI and Lasercomb are recognized leaders in the manufacture of tooling for flatbed cutting presses and have maintained a strong working relationship for 25 years. In 2012 CTI and Lasercomb began discussing about forming a joint venture that would supply an engraving product line to the United States, Canada, and Mexico markets. Finally in August of 2014, CTI and Lasercomb’s concept became a reality. CTE began manufacturing products within CTI’s Elk Grove Village, IL manufacturing facility. The wealth of knowledge shared between Lasercomb and CTI has given CTE the ability to manufacture superior tools for our customers. In addition, our partnership helps us continually develop ideas that create innovative products, thus improving our customer’s performance!

CTI has been at the cutting edge of press ready die tooling systems since it was founded in 1993. We have two manufacturing facilities and ship product nationwide. We also ship product to Canada and Mexico. It made sense to expand our product portfolio and offer our customers a single source solution for all of their embossing, foiling, BRAILLE and die cutting needs. This joint venture gives our customers a full array of tooling solutions that deliver unparalleled accuracy, durability and consistency. Controlling these core elements enable our customers to improve efficiencies while manufacturing product to the most exacting standards.

John Norgard, CTI President
IADD Member