I asked Tom Driscoll our VP Manufacturing to author this newsletter highlighting his recent trip to Europe.

Technology and investment in new ideas are the keys to building a strong future. To help ensure our success, CTI made the decision to participate in a new, major program BOBST has undertaken to certify die makers in order to maximize the potential of their cutting presses. To qualify as a certified die maker, CTI met with BOBST on several occasions to collaborate on the best layout and tooling design methods. Following completion of this work, tooling was produced and sent ‘press ready’, taken out of the packing crates, set in the cutting press, and run at full speed! Our achievements have been recently announced by BOBST:

Congratulations to Converting Technology Inc (CTI)!

They have completed the BOBST certified die-maker program. Die-makers play a key role in the delivery of efficient, high-quality converting operations. BOBST offers the tools to help them develop this expertise and respond to technological improvements and the changing requirements of converters and brands.

Certification is just the start of our journey. Last week, CTI attended the global gathering of certified die makers in Lausanne, Switzerland to continue to share information regarding successes of the program throughout the world and to hear how BOBST will continue to invest in the tooling program.

Working with the press manufacturers is only part of how CTI is a technical leader. Prior to the BOBST meeting, our International Die Group (IDG) met in Lyon, France. This collaborative group has been gathering for over twenty years to share ideas on new products and processes so that we can be a true global competitor. In the most recent meeting, many ideas were shared regarding composite dies and complex, single piece cutting rule that we will introduce to the market in 2023! CTI looks forward to continuing to grow with the IDG and Certified Die Maker programs and views these partnerships as a key to providing our customers with the best tooling technology in the marketplace!

Tom Driscoll
VP Manufacturing