Thirty years ago I wrote our first company newsletter. My goal was to get a clear company message out to all of our customers each quarter. I believed that if we couldn’t come up with an interesting topic or company update, we wouldn’t have been consistent with our name that reflects our mission statement: Converting Technology, Inc. will supply the Converting Industry using the most advanced technology available. We will employ seasoned professionals and give our customers the widest range of tooling available.

I began by coming in on a Saturday writing the newsletter, signing each one, attaching the sales report and addressing the envelopes. Fast forward 30 years and we send hundreds of newsletters electronically with the correct sales report attached.

This leads me to the most important lesson I’ve learned during my career. A successful company is not based on the efforts or experience of one person, it’s the combined effort of the whole team. The business owner/department manager must have a vison but success can only be achieved if they are open minded and can accept being challenged. Never think you are the smartest person in room, because you probably aren’t, and always put more emphasis on listening than talking.

CTI began as concept we had for the die-making industry. My original partners were Ken Roberts, VP Mfg., Rick Storey, Systems Manager and Bill Crutchfield, CFO. I took the liberty of resigning for Ken, Rick and myself with one phone call to the President of the die company we worked for and the journey began. Today I am the last one of this group still working! Ken Passed and Rick and Bill retired.

I was visiting customers last week and one of them remarked that he had known me 36 years! This goes all the way back to my Lasercomb Chicago days! We talked about old times and I realized that probably the majority of the people I have worked with are now retired or are planning to retire.

I’m guessing you may know what’s coming next? I’m officially retiring July 7th, 2023. I picked that day because it’s my daughter’s birthday and a date I can remember!

Tom Driscoll, a 15 year CTI veteran, and former VP Manufacturing has accepted the role of General Manager for CTI/CTE. Tom is an excellent choice to lead our company under the DFC Manufacturing Group.

I will still be available as a consultant to DFC Mfg. Group and I’m happy to say that this company is committed to continuing CTI/CTE and every other company in our group’s legacy.

Thank you everyone who mentored and supported us through our journey and always remember “Life’s a Journey – Enjoy the Ride”


John Norgard