Year three of pandemic has started and I am positive many of you are disappointed that there is no clear end in sight! While all businesses continue to struggle with labor and material shortages I am confident that we are in a better place than the start of 2021. Vaccines are available and for the most part people are following the CDC protocol to limit the spread of COVID.

We continued to invest in our two companies, major investments include:

  • Elcede Laser
  • Bobst/BoxPlan Digi-Setter
  • Two Water Jets
  • Serviform rule bender – expected delivery March 2022
  • Paso CNC Machine – expected delivery April 2022

We also invested in our proprietary database software and hardware. This investment enables us to better serve our customers and gives us unparalleled industry access to internal manufacturing data used in running our company.

We are the only tooling company in America to offer one stop sourcing for:

    • Press ready tooling for all high speed die cutters
  • Reverse cut plates with high tolerance plastic anvils
  • In-Line Embossing solutions
  • Foiling dies
  • Laser etching for fine detail foiling
  • In-Line BRAILLE solutions
  • Deboss Slugs

We thank all of our customers for their continued support and wish everyone a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2022!


John Norgard, President