When we founded CTI in 1993 I never could have envisioned the many challenges we would have to overcome to survive. Two of the more memorable moments included the Y2K concern and now the pandemic. Who would have guessed that we would live through a pandemic similar to the movie we watched in 2011, Contagion! I am very proud of our company and employees for believing in our mission and never giving up. We have been able to adapt and now produce the greatest range of products and services available in the die making industry. Our products, training programs, die-cutter modifications and maintenance have given our customers a one-stop tooling option. I encourage you to follow us on LinkedIn and take the time to view our website.

While we will continue to struggle with price increases, labor and material shortages I continue to be cautiously optimistic that we will gradually get back to a more stable business environment. My greatest reservation about a return to normal is the mindset of the unemployed and under employed in our country. I believe it was a huge mistake to pay people more to stay home than they were earning while employed. I’ve been to numerous restaurants that have reduced menu choices, hours of operation and have staff working lunch and dinner just to stay open. There is a shortage of labor in every sector of our economy. This is putting a huge strain on people willing to work and business operations! Have we created a percentage of potential workers unwilling to even look for a job?

I am afraid that the shortage of workers will continue until the work ethic of the good old days of 2019 return!

Time to get off my soapbox!

We are currently waiting for an update on the delivery of our new pinsetter. It is currently on a boat waiting to be unloaded in NY. The original delivery date was late August. Our new hot press is being manufactured in Indiana and fortunately still scheduled for delivery in late October.

It’s that time of year again so please accept my wishes for a great fall and happy holiday season!


John Norgard, President