I publish these newsletters every quarter and I’m always surprised by how much change can take place in that short timespan let alone what has happened in the world since we started our business.

In August we will celebrate our 29th year in business and I am happy to report that one thing that did not change is our commitment to continuously invest in new equipment and product development. I was giving a plant tour a couple of weeks ago and my guests were duly impressed with our data base, capital investments, and desire to consistently add to our product line. We have been the first supplier to offer many new products that have become industry standard. For example, we were the first die-making company in the U.S. to offer water jet cut rubber, three dimensional DYNASTRIP tooling and fully automatic machined nicking in our standard product line.

For those of you have read “Our Story” I mentioned that choosing a company name was one of my first challenges. I chose Converting Technology, Inc. because we would supply the converting industry with the most up to date technology and product line available. This has meant that we continuously evaluate equipment and systems world-wide. Just in the past 18 months we’ve bought equipment from Germany, Italy, and the United States.

Customer numbers are assigned to each plant when they are first entered into our database. Our numbering system is sequential and I am very proud of the fact that our top ten plants in 2021 have been our customers for an average of 23 years.

I thank all of our customers for their loyalty and our CTI/CTE team members for their dedication and commitment to excellence.


John Norgard, President