There isn’t much positive news lately! War, inflation, and mass shootings seem to dominate the airwaves.

What can we do bring happiness into the lives of the people that mean the most to us? A good place to start is the workplace. After all most of us spend the majority of every waking hour at our place of employment.

Does our workplace culture encourage open dialog and continuous improvement? One of the hardest parts of managing is to provide a consistent, fair and challenging environment.

I’ve found that employee recognition is probably the greatest motivator. The last two plus years have provided us with ample opportunity to hone our managerial skills and reward programs.

At CTI/CTE we have encouraged working from home for all employees who are not directly involved in the assembly of our products. We have also incentified employees by giving surprise bonusses and most recently a cash bonus to help offset the rising fuel costs.

We also improved working conditions by adding A/C to departments that previously were not air conditioned.

The new equipment on the floor and due in before year end give everyone a feeling of confidence that collectively we are contributing to the manufacture of an eco-friendly product that enhances the distribution of consumable products.

I thank everyone at CTI/CTE for their continued efforts in managing the COVID impact and working hard every day to make sure we are producing the industries finest converting and enhancement tooling.

Most of all I thank all of our customers for their loyalty and support!


John Norgard, President